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Diana Shimonova,


Speech-Language and Feeding Specialist

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A speech language pathologist specializing in the pediatric population (ages birth through 21).  Nationally accredited through ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) and certified in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding. With over 7 years of experience working in inpatient rehab, in addition to providing center and home based therapy. Populations including individuals with childhood apraxia of speech, 

articulation disorders, phonologically-based language difficulties (including dyslexia), the autism spectrum, low intelligibility, 

traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebral palsy, motor speech disorders, expressive and receptive language delays and disorders, as well as pragmatic (social) language difficulties. 


We offer free phone consultations so that we may answer your questions and concerns. 

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  • Comprehensive evaluations

  • Concierge speech-language and feeding therapy in the comfort of your home

  • Individual and group sessions

  • Teletherapy available

Treatment Includes:

  • Feeding therapy

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Speech-sound disorders

  • Articulation / phonology

  • Low intelligibility

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Social (pragmatic language) skills

  • Expressive and receptive language delay / disorders

  • Language-based learning difficulties

  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills

  • Disfluency / stuttering 

  • AAC (Alternative & Augmentative Communication)

  • Other communication difficulties and skills

School Children


Kid Playing with Bubble


Session cost is based on session length.
30 min / $100

45 min / $150
60 min / $200

A superbill will be provided upon request for insurance reimbursement by the family.  The family is responsible for knowing the details of their chosen insurance plan.  A referral for speech/language evaluation and treatment is recommended (free form available). each family is encouraged to determine if prior authorization is necessary and if there is any limit to sessions per year, as well as if Speech/Language therapy is covered. 

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Phone number: (917) 742-4785


New York, N.Y.

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