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5 Fun Words That Get Your Toddler Talking!

Exaggerating and repeating words and phrases will increase the likelihood of your child imitating and eventually spontaneously using those phrases. However, not all words are created equally. Some words are just more fun and exciting than others. Wouldn't someone clapping and shouting "YAY," get your attention? Well, guess what? it'll do the same for your toddler. Children love when the adults around them are excited and speaking emphatically.

Here are some words to start with that can help get your toddler talking!

  • "YAY" – Everyone loves praise, whether they’re big or small. Seeing you get excited and praising your child, especially with a word that is usually accompanied with an exaggerated facial expression and clapping, will motivate your child to produce that 3 letter word!

  • "EW" – This is another one that is usually paired with a silly facial expression, especially when pretending to smell something stinky, I.e., socks or feet. Since kids find this funny, they are more likely to imitate this word.

  • "BOOM"– Kids love to watch things being built up just so they can knock it down. Make a game of building up blocks or other toys and knocking them down and shout “BOOM!,” and in no time, they’ll be shouting it too!

  • "POP"– Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles? Using the word POP every time you pop a bubble, will teach your child to do the same!

  • "UH-OH" – this word can be paired with BOOM. Once again, toddlers love when blocks fall, or toy cars crash. Because this is so amusing and is also fun to say and relays a real message of, "something is wrong" children pick up on this phrase pretty quickly!

Just remember, speaking with your child should be fun. Never make it a stressful experience because, that will never yield the result you are looking for. Just enjoy this time with your child and remember to have fun!

Need more tips and tricks? Reach out and we'll do our best to answer all of your questions!

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Diana Shimonova | January 5, 2021

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